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How to Master discovergreece santorini island in 6 Simple Steps

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Posted on: 01/18/19

Santorini Island in Greece has a distinct landscape! Appreciating this distinct landscape on a helicopter tour is an incredible experience for those taking a trip in Santorini. Today visitors of the Island can remove to discover more information about the volcanic landscape and at this article you will discover the very best helicopter tours available in Santorini.

Why Santorini's landscape is so distinct?

The huge eruption of Santorini volcano (1600 BC) developed the popular Caldera of Santorini. What is Caldera in basic? Caldera is the result of a volcanic eruption where lava forces the grounds to sink, disappearing under the sea. The name, from the Spanish caldero, describes the shape that the earth takes after such an occasion. It looks like a substantial cauldron as the staying ground surrounds the sunken parts, now covered by the sea. That's what the Santorini caldera is; the remains of an island half-sunken into the sea!

The development of the rocks, the alternative colours, the layers representing various durations of Santorini's geological history were formatted by the enormous volcanic eruptions through the years. Try to picture the magnitude of this event that altered the route of the island's history and affected the entire Mediterranean basin.

At the very top of the Santorini caldera little white homes and outstanding mansions proudly face this evocative landscape. The villages of Oia, on the north side, the villages of Imerovigli and Firostefani along with the capital of the island, the city of Fira all seem to be hanging over the enforcing caldera. On the south side of the caldera you will admire the village of Akrotiri.

If you believe that Santorini's volcanic beauty ends on the caldera side of the island then wait until you fly over the eastern side. Just from above you can truly see the layers of the volcanic lava as it spread out throughout the eastern part of the island. Specifically at the area of the Finikia villages you will see a landscape normal of what is called "a volcanic valley".

Some of the most popular helicopter tours in Santorini are the "Caldera Trip", the "Sunset Trip", the "Close-by Islands Trip", all readily available in private or semi personal mode.

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